Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The benefits of papaya enzyme in the industry

Papain is an enzyme in papaya latex, which is very useful.

Papain is an enzyme in papaya latex, which is very useful. It consists of a different part of that has effects as Proteolytic in 4 types. That is Papain, Chymopapain A, B and peptidase A. The chymopapain is an Papain mostly found in papaya latex followed by Papain, which is approximately less than 10 percent.

We'll find this latex in the leaves, stem and raw fruits, which these will be scratching for bring this latex out to be used in various industries.

Papaya enzyme used in various industries

The papaya enzyme used in various industries as follows

1. Industrial products, beer, wine and other beverages 
By the papaya enzyme is acting dissolving protein in the product and give solution containing a clear, not insets when kept at low temperatures.

2. Factory production of meat and fish 
It will make the meat soft and tender on cooking.

3. Pharmaceutical and medical benefits 
By using it to composition of the digestive tract drug, it also helps to maintain the infected wound, because the papaya enzyme is a feature that allows blood clotting. It can also be used to kill parasites in the intestine.

4. Tanning industry 
By mixing the enzyme in immersed leather solution, this will make the leather soft and smooth.

5. Textile industry 
They will use the papaya enzyme to bleaching silk to remove mucus.

6. Paper industry