Friday, September 14, 2012

Enzyme inhibitors of papaya enzyme in the whites’ egg

Papaya enzyme (papain) is the substance of the protease

Cystatin is an inhibitor of the papain in the egg whites or enzyme inhibitors. It is specific for the papain of papaya. The papaya enzyme (papain) is the substance of the protease that called cysteine protease.

Inhibitors of papaya enzyme

Inhibitors of papaya enzyme

Many microbial have peptides with low molecular weight that can inhibit the protease such as

- Leupeptin can inhibit the trypsin, papain, cathepsin B and plasmin
- Chymostatins can inhibit the chymotrypsin and the enzyme
- Elastatinal can inhibit the elastase
- Pepstatin can inhibit the pepsin and carboxy protease
- Phosphoramidoncan inhibit the thermolysin

Inhibitors of these peptides are very stable and can production of these substances by the fermentation process. This is helpful in controlling the function of enzymes in food.