Friday, September 7, 2012


Papaya enzyme can reduce stomach acid

Papaya is one of fruit trees. It has a height about 5-10 m. It is native to Central America. Its raw fruit is green. When ripe it is yellow to orange. It is popular to eat both raw and cooked foods, such as the salad, etc. or can be transformed into other products.

Papaya enzyme called

The papaya enzyme called "papain".

The study found that this fruit has excellent antioxidant activity. Both raw and ripe fruit is high in vitamin C (especially fruit that resembles a sphere, it has a higher vitamin C) and it has enzyme that called papain or the papaya enzyme, which add moisture. It contains vitamin C, vitamin A and amino acids. Important, it is one of the most popular fruits of Thailand that are eaten throughout the year and can be made into many forms of food.

Papaya enzyme has properties of medicine.

The papaya enzyme has properties of medicine.

Papaya enzyme has properties of the drug. It is an enzyme called "papain". It can be used as a digestive medicine for people with indigestion, problems with menstruation, reduce fever and scurvy, digestive aid, reduce stomach acid, and help to improve bowel function.